Pin-tailed Whydah, Vidua macroura

Common Name Pin-tailed Whydah
Alternative common Names Pin-tailed Widow
Scientific Name Vidua macroura
Taxonomic Family Viduidae
Taxonomic Order Passeriformes

Ecological Data


Recording #AV 4759, Sidama Zone; Awassa, Wabe Shebelle Hotel grounds, Ethiopia (song, call)

Sonogram of recording #AV 4759

Recording #AV 7061, South-West; Mundemba, Boseme Hotel, Cameroon (song)

Sonogram of recording #AV 7061

Recording #AV 11801, Mpumalanga; Kaapsehoop, South Africa (song and calls)

Sonogram of recording #AV 11801

Recording #AV 11802, Mpumalanga; Kaapsehoop, South Africa (calls)

Sonogram of recording #AV 11802