Red-breasted Nuthatch, Sitta canadensis

Common Name Red-breasted Nuthatch
Scientific Name Sitta canadensis
Taxonomic Family Sittidae
Taxonomic Order Passeriformes

Ecological Data


Recording #AV 783, Michigan; Ingham Co., Fenner Nature Center, USA (call)

Sonogram of recording #AV 783

Recording #AV 921, Michigan: Ingham Co.; Sleepy Hollow State Park, Picnic Island, USA (call)

Sonogram of recording #AV 921

Recording #AV 11367, Maryland; Assateague National Seashore, USA (calls)

Sonogram of recording #AV 11367

Recording #AV 14088, Ontario; Lake Superior Provincial Park, just north of Line Lake, Canada (calls)

Sonogram of recording #AV 14088

Recording #AV 14836, Manitoba; Spruce Woods Provincial Park, Canada (calls)

Sonogram of recording #AV 14836