Belted Kingfisher, Megaceryle alcyon

Common Name Belted Kingfisher
Scientific Name Megaceryle alcyon
Synonyms Ceryle alcyon
Taxonomic Family Alcedinidae
Taxonomic Order Coraciiformes
Other names
(synonyms or historical names)
Ceryle alcyon

Ecological Data


Recording #AV 886, Michigan: Ingham Co.; Sleepy Hollow State Park, USA (call)

Sonogram of recording #AV 886

Recording #AV 7919, Michigan; Ingham Co., Fenner Nature Center, USA (calls)

Sonogram of recording #AV 7919

Recording #AV 11352, Virginia; Assateague Island, Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, USA (call)

Sonogram of recording #AV 11352

Recording #AV 11460, Quintana Roo; Cozumel Island, near Chankanaab, Mexico (calls)

Sonogram of recording #AV 11460

Recording #AV 14251, Boqueron National Wildlife Refuge, Puerto Rico (calls)

Sonogram of recording #AV 14251

Recording #AV 17776, Sandys Parish; Somerset Long Beach Nature Reserve, Bermuda (calls)

Sonogram of recording #AV 17776